The Shape of things


Hair – Wasabi pills at Culture Shock

Skin – n/a

Bikini – Swanky

Feet – SLink

Bracelet – Miel

Poses – Olive Juice

Pictures taken at Echo Point dAlliez

Events, Steals, & Deals    faMESHed is now open

Observed & Overheard:

Although there has always been ugly avatars in SL, usually the laughs are directed at people with badly fitted prims, T-rex arms, bling, and awful shoes.

Over the last few months I’ve noticed a lot of attention given to ‘pony girls’ and although I am not a fan of the look, these 2 types of avatar are not the same.

I am not posting a picture of the pony girl look here, as I don’t want to out anyone and let them get slammed but we all know the look.

For the most part, I am glad their is a variety of shapes in SL, because most of time, the avatars I see are so fucking boring, all cookie cutter replicas, wearing the same clothes, the same hair the same skin and having similar bland completely forgettable shapes, 2 points different from ruth, you couldn’t distinguish anyone in a crowd.

I hope that my avatar is distinctive enough that I am recognisable.

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