Skin:  League – Jen (Musk – Medium Tone)
      Hair:  Wasabi Pills – Jacqueline Mesh Hair (Pancake)
      Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)
      Lashes:  Cheap Makeup – Free Lashes for Tableau
      Top: Decoy – Emily Ruffle Tank (Plain Sea)
      Pants:  Aura – Class Act Jeans (Ornate Blue)
      Shoes: SLink – Achillia Gladiator Sandals – (Brown)
      Jewelry:  League – Wanderer Jewelry Set (Oak)
      Poses:  Miamai

Events, Deals & Steals: Fantasy Faire 2012 (Devil’s Locket Sim)

Observed & Overheard:

 Couture is a word that we here banged around A LOT in Second Life, and its proper usage is something that has been discussed and debated for probably as long as the word has existed.  What are your opinions on the usage (or over-usage) of the word “couture,” and what does it mean to you?

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One thought on “Couture?

  1. vikeejeah says:

    cou·ture   [koo-toor; Fr. koo-tyr] Show IPA
    the occupation of a couturier; dressmaking and designing.
    fashion designers or couturiers collectively.
    the clothes and related articles designed by such designers.
    the business establishments of such designers, especially where clothes are made to order.

    Found on

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