Skin:  League – Jen (Musk – Medium Tone)
      Hair:  LeLutka – Trend Hair (Praline)
      Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)
      Lashes:  Cheap Makeup – Free Lashes for Tableau
      Top/Dress:  Tres Blah (at collabor88) – C88 Daydream Babydoll (Pinky Nude)
      Pants:  Toki Doki – Rolled Chinos (group gift)
      Shoes: Haut Monde – Gossip Pumps (Silver Peony)
      Bracelets: Cherry (at Disco Deals) – Mercury Cameo Bracelet (onyx) and LacieCakes – Brennie Bracelet
      Necklace: League (at collabor88) – DayDream Necklace (Moving Sky, Single Tier)
      Poses: dollipops

Events, Deals & Steals: Disco Deals (through May 11th)

Observed & Overheard:

There’s been a lot of buzz here lately on Plurk about people purging their inventories and organizing them like crazy.  A type of spring cleaning, if you will.  But for me, every day I log in, I thank the Gods of the Asset Server that (most) of my inventory is still there…or at least, appears to be that way.  You see, I’d honestly probably never notice if something went missing, unless it were one of my favorite and most-worn items (i.e. the necklace my daughter had custom-made for me, or one of my favorite hairs) because, in nearly five years, I have never successfully organized my inventory.  I have friends who, like me, are disasters waiting to happen – but then I have other friends who are so gung-ho about their inventory sorting that not a single top-level folder exists, save for ones that are actually being used to organize things.  Which end of the spectrum do you fall on?  Any tips and tricks for those of us wading through years of bad hair and bling we can’t bring ourselves to delete?  Box or delete?  Where do you even BEGIN?

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One thought on “Disorganized

  1. Kendra Baily says:

    Tips for an immaculately clean inventory. Overhaul organize it once, then maintain it. There are 4 main folders that your inventory comes into “Textures, Photo Album, Objects and Lost and Found” Keep these empty. If you see that these folders are expandable, sort those items into your folders of stuff, this keeps for a great system to know when you inventory is starting to get messy. When you shop some stores also give you folders and this WILL make your top level area folders get messy. For my inventory I often will create a new folder called Z Organize Me (TODAYS DATE) and then fill that will the things from that day, and sort as I go. http://grabilla.com/02507-cd38f7f3-d752-4d0f-bcea-bec64f8435ce.png My inventory is very VERY clean. After all these plurks about cleaning inventory I am thinking about creating and offering a class on how I sort my inventory! 😀 Hope this helps someone!

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