Welcome to the Fashionista Thunderdome


Hair – Wasabi Pills

Skin – Illusory

Necklace – The Abyss

Top – The Plastik

Jeans – A&M

Boots – Gos

Pictures taken at the Wastelands


Events, Deals & Steals: World Goth Fair open now

Observed & Overheard:   There seems to be a lot of drama going on lately regarding bloggers

1) There are a lot of new bloggers about who are under the impression that blogging = loads of free stuff, whereas in fact blogging = find lots of stuff to buy.  I have been blogging for about 3 and half years, and am lucky enough to be on 3 designers lists, and I buy over 90% of what I blog.  So if I was aiming to ‘get free shit’ then I am failing miserably.   It takes time, and effort to build up a reputation that a creator notices and wants to send review copies, harassing people demanding stuff damages everyone.  I became a blogger because I am a big fat show off and want to strut about in what I’ve found, and take pictures of my avatar. 😛

2) You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t – ‘Reviews’  I have enough drama in my SLife so I keep my personal blog drama free, I only blog stuff I actually like and bin anything I dislike, there are some bloggers that do actual critiques (good on them) where they point out flaws or good points but whatever ever type of blogger you are, you cannot win – if you dont critique you are ‘arse kissing’ and if you do you are ‘trolling for drama’

3) I am not going to do the whole ‘let’s hug it out’ thing, because it’s juvenile but ‘bloggers’ are not one homogeneous group, I don’t represent anyone but myself.  But I do think the majority of bloggers do not want to be lumped together.  There are good bloggers, bad bloggers and ‘meh’ bloggers in SL, just like RL.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Fashionista Thunderdome

  1. aliselia says:

    Love the picture-also, well said!

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