Skin:  Belleza – Lily V2 (Pale 3)
      Hair:  elikatira – Indulge (blonde 06)
      Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (Summer Shore and Grey Shadow)
      Lashes:  Cheap Makeup – Free Lashes for Tableau
      Top: Chemistry – Zoe Sweater (Meow)
      Pants:  JANE – sweet n low jeans (pitch)
      Shoes: Toki Doki – Queen Boots (camel)
      Bracelet: Mstyle – Ribbon Bracelet (black)
      Ring: JCNY -LOTUS Mood Ring with Hyper-Gems
      Poses: aDORKable Poses

Events, Deals & Steals: My Attic at The Deck

Observed & Overheard:

Since before I joined Second Life back in 2007, the slogan for the platform has been, “Your world.  Your imagination.”  It’s a phrase I’ve often poked fun at after seeing something way out there, or hearing someone say something that blew my mind.  However, it’s a phrase that’s actually pretty true!  For some of us, Second Life is a place for fashion.  For others, it’s a place to do things we wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in Real Life.  And, for others still, it’s a place to find not only friendship, but family relationships as well.

The Second Life family community is one that even myself, in the past, looked down my nose at.  Why on earth were their child avatars?  Why would people create families in Second Life when many of us already have plenty of Real Life family stress?  But now, years later, I find myself to be truly blessed to be a part of the same community I once scorned.  I realize now, that for those of us with less-than-ideal family backgrounds (or childhoods), Second Life families (and child avatars) are a great way to “make up” for what we’ve lost (or never had) in Real Life.  It’s not anything taboo or inappropriate – it’s about finding a community of support and love to immerse yourself into.  And for me, that’s definitely MY world, and my imagination!

So what about you?  What is YOUR world and YOUR imagination all about?  Are you part of a “misunderstood” community?  Have you always kept to the same Second Life environment or have you “morphed” over the years into someone a bit different?  Ever scorned something only to later find it’s exactly what you’re looking for?

ETA, somewhat-breaking news in regards to Curio skins by Gala Phoenix, and Hush Skins by Hush Darkrose.  Apparently, a Supreme Court Injunction has been filed against Gala by Hush for stolen skins.  More to follow as details become available.

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2 thoughts on “Family

  1. LOVE the cat sweater!

  2. Also, that Gala skin thing is total WTFz

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