It’s almost over…


Hair – Wasabi Pills

Skin – Curio

Eyes – FATEeyes

T-Shirt – The Plastik

Picture taken at Beguile

Events, Deals & Steals: The Hair Fair is coming soon, and the Official hair fair contest is now open, great prizes available

Observed & Overheard:

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks you will have heard of the Curio/Hush nonsense, DCMA’s ‘injunctions’ and the like, we’ll Gala is back and sent this note through the Curio Group last night.  Now all we need is for the store to reopen so we can all go buy.

To my loyal customers and fellow content creators,As many of you know, I am currently involved in a dispute over the copyright of Curio Skins. Two weeks ago, an individual I had previously reported for infringement launched a campaign against me, resulting in the removal of my store and skins. This individual also claimed, falsely, that courts had judged me an infringer.I am not an infringer. My skins are my own creation. I am fighting this individual’s groundless legal action and trying to bring my store back to the grid.I am aware that there have been a lot of rumors over the last two weeks. Because I am involved in a legal action, please understand that I cannot address them all. However, I appreciate your support more than you know; you are keeping me strong through a very trying time.Thank you so much,Gala Phoenix
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One thought on “It’s almost over…

  1. December Dollinger says:

    As usual, Gala is handling an ugly situation with such poise and grace. Good on her!

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